Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) are imperative to insure your information, conversations and actions are secure from unauthorized eavesdropping in your offices, boardrooms, homes, vehicles, planes or other areas where you have an expectation of privacy. There are several companies that perform TSCM services; however, only RCS has the level of expertise, professional experiences and state-of-the-art equipment to provide the high quality of service you require. RCS stands alone in their ability to meet these criteria with decades of experience supported by their ongoing training programs with the latest high-tech equipment available. RCS provides frequent articles to keep you informed of current technological advancements and RCS discoveries.
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A continuing problem we witness on TSCM inspections is the use of non-secure wireless microphones in the executive boardrooms and conference rooms.
Wireless microphones are often used both within the company meeting rooms, as well as remote venues, when conducting board meetings or shareholder gatherings. Wireless microphones are typically of the type that either attach to the presenter (Lavalier type), or attached to a podium microphone stand. These broadcast the presenter’s conversation to a nearby receiver and is amplified and sent to room speakers so the audience can hear the presentation.
There are numerous manufacturers of wireless microphone systems, most of which are an Analog Transmission as opposed to a Digital Transmission. An Analog Transmission is what we listen to on our vehicle radio (AM or FM stations). An Analog transmission can be intercepted or monitored with an inexpensive radio receiver or scanner ($100). Often the transmission from these wireless microphones can be monitored from outside of the venue with the correct receiver. On a couple of occasions we have witnessed the media monitoring such meetings from outside of a remote resort location. On those occasions the Audio-Video (AV) vendor hired for the AV setup used Analog wireless microphones. There are several manufacturers that now provide Digital, and or encrypted wireless microphone systems. Don’t lose your confidential information through this easily corrected problem. Have your in-house AV personnel identify and replace any non-secure systems, and ensure that hired vendors use the same secure systems.
These are all Analog wireless microphones. On the last TSCM one of these microphones was left in the powered on position and our team detected room conversation one block from the company.
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