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Douglas R. Kane
Douglas R. KanePresident
Mr. Kane became president and founder of Risk Control Strategies (RCS) in 2003, a national intelligence gathering and investigative firm specializing in complex investigative matters, crisis resolution and security solutions. Prior to beginning his private consulting career, Mr. Kane was a 27-year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) where he developed an expertise in criminal investigations, strategic planning, crisis management, and tactical leadership of comprehensive investigative operations worldwide. He has supervised and successfully resolved numerous investigations to include kidnappings, extortions and terrorist acts. He has been responsible for myriad special events ensuring adequate security procedures were implemented based upon the level of threat. He has developed and implemented numerous policies and procedures regarding response to a variety of crisis situations and been assigned as the FBI on-scene tactical commander for a variety of operations both domestically and internationally.

Mr. Kane was selected to the FBI Hostage Rescue Team, the only full time civilian counterterrorism team in the world, and became a team leader of this elite FBI group. He deployed on investigative matters world-wide in furtherance of U. S. interests. Prior to his retirement, he served as the agent-in-charge of the crisis management program and the FBI rapid deployment team based in Los Angeles from 1994 until 2001. The team was poised for 24 hour national or international response to any acts of terrorism or other crisis situation impacting the United States.Mr. Kane continues to utilize his extensive investigative, security and crisis mitigation experience by providing services to a variety of law firms, corporations, and private individuals. He has successfully assisted clients with investigations in the areas of business intelligence, threat mitigation, workplace violence, theft, stalking, sabotage, embezzlement and employee wrongdoing. He continues to represent various high-profile individuals providing investigative support on a variety of personnel matters that would have significant impact on their families and future careers.

He has lectured extensively on current topics impacting personal and corporate security, crisis management, threat mitigation, and workplace violence. Mr. Kane co-authored the book “Silent Safety” Best Practices for Protecting the Affluent. He is also a contributing author for various magazines and trade journals and has been a guest on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Dr. Phil and a variety of other local and national networks.

Mr. Kane has a bachelor’s degree from Baldwin Wallace College and a master’s degree from Southern Illinois University. His professional affiliations include membership to the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI, FBI Agents Association and National Association of Chiefs of Police. He is a licensed Private Investigator in the State of California.

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Anna Winningham, CISSP
Anna Winningham, CISSPExecutive Vice President
Anna M. Winningham is a former Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). During her 13 year tenure with the FBI she served as a case agent and a Supervisory Special Agent, overseeing multiple long-term, complex investigations including organized crime, drug, counter-terrorism, kidnapping and extortion investigations. In her last assignment with the FBI, Ms. Winningham was the Supervisory Special Agent for the Crisis Response Squad of the Los Angeles Field Office. Her responsibilities included oversight and management of the Evidence Response Team, the Crisis Negotiations Team, the Special Weapons and Tactics Team, and the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) response components.

Ms. Winningham has an expertise in strategic planning and response, to include continuity of operations, disaster recovery, incident management, crisis resolution, and tactical response of security and crisis management operations. She has managed critical incidents, planned and coordinated protection details for U.S. Government officials, and supervised tactical operations. As a former FBI Special Agent, Ms. Winningham has received extensive training in the proper collection and preservation of evidence, to include electronic evidence, managing surveillance processes, and managing investigative interviews.

Following her career with the FBI, Ms. Winningham has provided investigative, CSO and CISO and services to RCS’ private and corporate clients. She has served as an expert witness on multiple matters, to include workplace violence, IT security and forensics investigations.

Ms. Winningham stays current with the latest security practices by successfully completing the requirements to become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). This is an advanced-level certification for IT professionals recognized worldwide for their standards of excellence.

She also maintains her long-term association with FBI executive management, and is an active member of the Society of Former Special Agents and the FBI’s InfraGard.

Ms. Winningham has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas – El Paso, where she specialized in Soviet and East European Politics. She also attended the Russian School at Middlebury College, Vermont. She is a military veteran, having served in the U.S. Army as an Ordnance Officer and was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division.

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Donald Ackerman
Donald AckermanSr. Vice President, New York
Donald J. (Don) Ackerman joined Risk Control Strategies (RCS) in 2009 as Vice President, after a 32-year career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), where he served in four field divisions and twice at FBI Headquarters. As a Special Agent of the FBI, Mr. Ackerman developed an expertise in strategic planning, crisis resolution, and tactical response. In his last assignment, he served as the Assistant Special Agent In Charge (ASAC) of the New York Division Gang/Criminal Enterprises Program. In this position he oversaw the investigation of criminal enterprises which were both national and international in scope, the Violent Crimes Program, and the “Innocent Images” Initiative, which targeted cyber-related crimes against children, to include pedophilia and child pornography.

Mr. Ackerman served as the first Deputy Chief of the New York Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Strike Force, which comprised over 150 law enforcement officers from ten agencies. He also supervised and was responsible for the overall operational success of various other multi-agency task forces, which included a variety of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.Mr. Ackerman’s extensive investigative experience and leadership has resulted in the successful resolution of countless high profile cases to include kidnappings, stalking, extortions, financial matters, terrorist incidents, and complex undercover investigations. He has conducted and supervised hundreds of tactical operations and served as the FBI’s On-Scene-Commander for numerous major cases and multi-agency enforcement missions. He has extensive crisis management experience. He established and managed the FBI Joint Operations Command Post in Atlanta during the terrorism investigation subsequent to the events of September 11, 2001.

Mr. Ackerman has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from York College of Pennsylvania. His professional affiliations include the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI, the FBI Agents Association, and the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association. He is licensed by the State of New York and New Jersey as a Private Investigator.

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Clyde R. Widrig
Clyde R. WidrigSenior Managing Director, TSCM
Prior to Mr. Widrig joining Risk Control Strategies (RCS) in 2007 he had an extensive background in law enforcement working in the area of electronic countermeasures. He retired from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), after a twenty-seven year career. At that time he was recruited by the FBI Los Angeles Field Office where he was in charge of one of the largest field technical programs in the country. During his fourteen year tenure with the FBI he managed the technical specialists responsible for planning, development, procurement, installation and maintenance of technical systems integral to the security of the United States.

During his LAPD career Mr. Widrig worked as officer and detective spending twenty-two years as an electronic surveillance technician. He further developed his training and experience in electronic surveillance by administering electronic countermeasures sweeps for criminal investigations for the City of Los Angeles. During the last seven years prior to retiring he worked as the Officer in Charge of the Electronics Section of Scientific Investigation Division. Mr. Widrig was responsible for the development of the LAPD Electronic Surveillance Manual outlining procedures for the City of Los Angeles.Mr. Widrig’s expertise in electronic surveillance has found further expression in his teaching skills. He is a sought-after educator who has taught classes in technical surveillance and technical electronic countermeasures for the LAPD Academy and various professional organizations and technical conventions. Earlier in his career and while in the U.S. Army, Mr. Widrig was a technical instructor at the engineering school at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

During his tenure with the LAPD and FBI he also became founding partner in TECM, Inc., a successful and sought-after corporation that provided technical security services to corporations and individuals. In 2007 TECM was purchased by Risk Control Strategies to provide our clients seamless access to leading practitioners for a variety of services all under one roof.

Mr. Widrig is a leader in his field and continues to bring leading-edge technical services and professional integrity for which he has become known. Under Mr. Widrigs supervision, RCS provides major corporations and the high net worth community with advanced technical investigative services in addition to their premier security consulting and array of other services.

Mr. Widrig is a U.S. Army veteran, member of the Society of Electronic & Audio Criminologists, National Technical Investigators Association (NATIA), and California Narcotics Officers Association (CNOA).

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