About RCS Services

Risk Control Strategies (RCS) was established in 2003 to provide proven and effective solutions for comprehensive investigative, security and business intelligence services for the legal, corporate, and private sector. Their team of seasoned professionals draws upon decades of experience, many in federal and state law enforcement agencies, allowing RCS the ability to provide unsurpassed expertise during each assignment, providing peace of mind to businesses and individuals across the globe. RCS has been referred to as the “Private Sector FBI” based upon their extensive abilities and service offerings.

RCS provides Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services for clients who know they need to improve their cyber security, usually determined after compromise. This is rapidly becoming RCS’ most popular service in their Business Intelligence & Mitigation Practice. Their well-qualified team can tailor these services depending on the needs of your organization.

RCS offers a full range of services divided into the three areas that clients have frequently required over the past 14 years: Investigation, Security and Business Intelligence.

Cyber Services

Protecting your communications, both at home and on the road, is an increasingly complex challenge. With the countless devices and applications used to conduct everyday communication, the opportunities for privacy violation and theft are vast. Cyber security is defined as the protection of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information stored on computer systems. To ensure communications and sensitive information is appropriately protected, we provide a security analysis of networks and devices, including PDA’s and laptop computers.

Security Consulting

Security Services identify and mitigate risks and vulnerabilities before problems arise. Once the problem is identified they conduct assessments, determine the level of risk and identify the appropriate types of security required.

Investigation Services

Investigation Services center on RCS’ capabilities and longstanding reputation for uncompromising integrity, thoroughness and discretion. With their complex investigation experience they will identify a course of action to obtain the evidence required.

The RCS investigative team is comprised of specialists from a wide range of disciplines, including former FBI Agents, District Attorney Investigators, Intelligence Analysts, Certified Fraud Examiners, IT Investigators and Forensic Accountants. Drawing upon decades of law enforcement experience in both federal and state jurisdictions, RCS works with law firms on a variety of complex investigative matters. RCS provides strategic advice to assist their client’s in developing realistic goals and objectives.

With the utmost discretion, RCS performs thorough and objective third-party inquiries leaving no investigative avenue unexplored until the assignment is complete. Investigations are based on the client’s specific needs and a thorough understanding of what the client desires to achieve.

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Business Intelligence & Mitigation

Business Intelligence & Mitigation is the life blood for any successful organization. RCS will protect your brand, products and proprietary information through their proven methodologies. RCS provides you the competitive advantage you need for success.

Learn How We Protect Our Clients: Silent Safety

Written by Risk Control Strategies’ President Douglas R. Kane and his former business partner, Silent Safety gives insight into best practices for protecting the affluent. The book contains practical advice, real life scenarios and recommendations for providing proven security measures in this unpredictable world.