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Cyber security is crucial. RCS methods keep you secure while identifying & eliminating threats from cyber criminals.

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Cyber Breach Response

RCS has significant experience in cyber breach mitigation and has provided response services to numerous IT incidents, large and small. We can perform lockout operations and assist with recovery. Additionally, because of our extensive law enforcement experience and forensic investigation capabilities, we can provide expert investigative services.

The RCS process includes triage consultation with IT staff, executive team members and legal counsel. The purpose of this consultation is to ensure intelligence regarding the event(s) is reviewed and a strategy is developed in order to meet the client’s goals and tasks are appropriately prioritized.

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Cyber Security Assessments and Audits

RCS will assess your existing cyber security protocols, and if needed, develop the appropriate security measures to ensure the safety of your electronic data and communications. RCS provides holistic security assessments, regular security audits of networks, and cyber security consulting services.

Cyber security is defined as the protection of the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information stored on computer systems. This is an increasingly complex challenge given our ever-increasing dependence upon computer technology to both transmit and store data that in some cases may be highly sensitive. The opportunities for data comprise is continually on the rise.

RCS professionals have more than twenty years of IT security experience, during which time they have safeguarded classified government, corporate and private networks. RCS has worked closely with the law enforcement community to help mitigate cyber threats and ensure communications and sensitive information are appropriately protected.

RCS works closely with executive management and IT service providers (internal and external) to ensure the desired level of security for data and communications is achieved. RCS conducts technical assessments, staff interviews, and reviews all IT related policies and procedures and then develops a comprehensive report containing observations and recommendations for mitigating risks. RCS bridges the gap between expected security and the present infrastructure.

RCS can also provide independent, third party audits for clients that require outside validation or want to review data security levels on a consistent basis. Their audits include system scans and documentation reviews, and can be extended to also include penetration testing.

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Digital Forensic Investigations

The RCS technical team, led by a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®), can provide expert testimony to support ongoing litigation. They conduct investigations that include the collection, storage and analysis of electronically stored information (ESI). RCS’ trained examiners collect forensic data and work to uncover the deleted or embedded evidence, interpret their findings, evaluate its importance, and articulate those facts to their clients. Additionally, using their extensive investigative expertise, RCS offers strategies and provides alternatives so that you are aware of all your options and can make informed decisions.

CISO Consulting

Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) are executive level security and privacy professionals that lead your information security team. Consider utilizing the RCS staff experts to evaluate your internal procedures and identify vulnerabilities on an on-going basis.

A Chief Security Information Officer must have a broad technical background with an emphasis on security as they must interact with every aspect of your organization. The requirements are constantly evolving as technologies change and new vulnerabilities and exploits that must be addressed are found seemingly everywhere. The CISO must stay in front of these evolutions and leads the security team’s efforts to maintain your network’s safety under budgetary constraints. CISO duties include prioritizing security needs, ensuring compliance with any pertinent laws in regards to privacy or access to information, managing the development of a security architectures, developing and auditing security protocols, and more.

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