Cyber Services

End-to-end cyber security services: advisory services, managed services, and crisis management. More >

Intel & Investigations

Discreet, effective and legal intelligence gathering projects and investigations. More >

Security Advisory Services

Expert security solutions to address threats and challenging security concerns. More >

Since 2003 Risk Control Strategies (RCS) has worked with over 1,000 companies and private individuals on both routine and highly sensitive matters. RCS pioneered the most effective approach to assist clients with a variety of investigative and security needs. With decades of experience and extensive involvement with law enforcement and the legal community, we have the proven knowledge and expertise to assist clients in developing and executing solutions to resolve their problems. We minimize damage, preserve our clients brand and reputation, and assist them in navigating the uncharted waters of a crisis. As successful crisis managers, we help resolve problem, identify and fix root causes, and develop strategies to avoid future occurrences. We are exceptionally skilled at creative problem solving and our ability to serve each client’s unique needs.

RCS Clients

Law Firms

RCS helps law firms conduct investigations, provide security for their clients, and gather intelligence data.

Corporate Clients

RCS provides corporations with security and full risk management for employees, assets, and intellectual property.

Private Clients

RCS provides a security and investigative solutions for individuals including end-to-end travel security management.