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RCS provides law firms with professional and discreet investigative, security, and intelligence services.

As a law firm, working with the right investigator can make the difference between your client winning and losing the case. RCS provides you and your clients with a team comprising former FBI, military, and law enforcement personnel who know how to get the job done quickly, quietly, and completely within the law. Experienced in cyber crime investigations and intelligence gathering, RCS can also provide any necessary security for your clients as well. Top law firms across the country use RCS, and you should too.

I have relied upon Risk Control Strategies (“RCS”) and its president, former FBI Agent Doug Kane, for many years and I am consistently impressed by their highly professional staff (mostly former federal agents) and the thoroughness of their investigations. In one of our cases, they headed up an international investigation locating and interviewing several uncooperative witnesses. Their work made the difference in that matter. Their investigative efforts are innovative, cost efficient, effective and conducted with the highest level of integrity. I strongly recommend RCS.
Michael Bradbury, District Attorney Ret., County of Ventura
Formerly Of Counsel, Alston & Bird LLP

In complex or high-profile legal cases, or in those that carry a heavy potential sentence, it is crucial that attorneys and law firms hire the best possible private investigators. Risk Control Strategies is skilled in high-tech intelligence methods and discreet investigations that provide the evidence you need to best serve your clients.

RCS is also capable of proactive risk management and security solutions that can limit exposure to potential threats linked to the case for both you and your client. As a result of working with high-profile individuals, RCS employs the highest level of discretion and never discloses sensitive information to any third parties. Our investigators and staff use secure communications and computer systems so as to ensure privacy and prevent unauthorized access to your clients’ information.

Risk Control Strategies is trusted by law firms of all types and sizes, and can help with almost any legal case. If you are interested in working with RCS, leave a message and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

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