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RCS knows how to perform discreet, effective, and fully legal investigations for both individuals and organizations.

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Background Investigations

RCS provides comprehensive due diligence and background investigations on individuals and businesses to minimize exposure to risk and ensure success with new hires, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, or similar business dealings. RCS confirms the history and authenticity of the person or entity in question through a combination of human intelligence sources, a wide spectrum of database tools, and other techniques, such as surveillance and personal interviews. Also extensive social media site research is conducted to identify relevant activities.

Oftentimes there are key personnel whom some aspect of your business and internal security hinge upon. The process that RCS uses to conduct background investigations is far more thorough than the industry standard. RCS background investigations are designed to support your established internal policies and security measures. RCS can also provide consulting and training to your internal staff.

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Asset Searches

Asset searching is one of the most challenging investigative endeavors. Clients are invariably faced with the regulatory and legal environment precluding you from identifying financial relationships. Fortunately, hidden assets are typically utilized somewhere in the stream of commerce and with tenacious investigation and creativity they can be located and potentially seized.

RCS conducts medium to extremely complex asset investigations which have spanned across several continents in several cases. They have the capability to conduct asset investigations in more than 100 countries. RCS conducts these investigations on behalf of U.S. and international law firms that represent individuals and companies that have been defrauded or are involved in financial litigation.

The primary methodology utilized by RCS, when searching for hidden assets, is to select the most promising leads available and investigate them to the fullest. They also develop sources of information, when necessary, to assist during their asset search process. RCS works closely with their clients and their legal counsel when devising a practical strategy to locate hidden assets.

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Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Inspection

The RCS Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) service, oftentimes referred to as sweeps, includes the electronic analysis and physical inspections of locations to detect and identify interceptions of private conversations, unauthorized video or other vulnerabilities. It is imperative to know that your information, conversations and actions are secure in areas where you have an expectation of privacy.

RCS brings an unparalleled level of expertise with their highly qualified and uniquely skilled employees. RCS has a team of individuals who currently, or formerly, possessed the highest level of government security clearances, further establishing their level of trust for the U.S. Government, local law enforcement and to RCS clients.

All RCS personnel have received extensive training and exposure to highly complex and state of the art technology owned by RCS. This equipment is associated with long range intercepts, microwave surveillance systems, radio frequency (RF) analysis and digital telephone analysis. Some of their personnel were instrumental in the early beta testing and providing design recommendations of TSCM latest innovative technology prior to its dissemination to the U.S. Government for use in RF countermeasures and analysis.

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The experienced RCS staff has developed a discreet and proven methodology, based upon decades of experience, to analyze the stalker’s motivation and implement an appropriate course of action. RCS has been responsible for the successful resolution, and in some cases, the criminal prosecution of hundreds of stalking cases. RCS views all stalking cases as unique and they do not subscribe to the “wait and see” approach rather, RCS will proactively bring the matter to resolution.

Matrimonial Disputes

RCS has the ability to obtain critical information through its investigative network that may ultimately impact the financial resolution of a divorce settlement. RCS can conduct asset searches, identify business entities and criminal activity not previously known by the spouse. RCS has extensive surveillance expertise and conducts undetected surveillances to identify activities previously suspected but not proved. It is imperative to know all the facts prior to settlement.


Anyone with a high profile public image, such as celebrities, politicians or business leaders, may find themselves the target of blackmailers. RCS has extensive experience identifying those individual’s responsible and terminating future threats and extortion attempts of this nature.

Covert Surveillance

Covert surveillance is designed so that subjects are not aware that they are being monitored. RCS collects evidence and does follow up investigation to support future litigation or civil suits. Yes, it can be done legally!

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