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RCS performs discreet, effective, and fully legal investigations for both individuals and organizations.

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RCS provides comprehensive due diligence and background investigations on individuals and businesses to minimize exposure to risk and ensure success with new hires, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, or similar business dealings. RCS confirms the history and authenticity of the person or entity in question through a combination of human intelligence sources, a wide spectrum of database tools, and other techniques, such as surveillance and personal interviews. Also extensive social media site research is conducted to identify relevant activities.

Background Investigations

Oftentimes there are key personnel whom some aspect of your business and internal security hinge upon. The process that RCS uses to conduct background investigations is far more thorough than the industry standard. RCS background investigations are designed to support your established internal policies and security measures. RCS can also provide consulting and training to your internal staff.

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Due Diligence

Protecting your organization’s brand, reputation and most valuable assets is critical. Conducting comprehensive due-diligence investigations will minimize risk and promote success when embarking on new business opportunities such as joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, or similar business dealings. With RCS’ investigative results in hand you have the ability to make informed decisions about which direction to pursue in the future. RCS investigative services are often called upon by law firms who are intent upon turning over every stone and need RCS to do the heavy lifting.RCS’ due diligence investigations are designed to provide their clients critical information in order to support their business efforts. RCS conducts discrete investigations of relevant parties, to include businesses, customers, vendors, investors, lenders and borrowers.

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RCS Workplace Violence Services

RCS has a proven track record mitigating potentially volatile workplace situations by eliminating the threat from the workplace. We provide telephone consultation and support to companies and institutions where counsel is required on potential high risk workplace violence related matters. This may include consultation with disgruntled employees, domestic situations, customer disputes or other external factors. Our professional staff is prepared to offer guidance in areas such as crisis containment, threat evaluation, behavioral analysis, adverse media containment and law enforcement liaison.

The best way to protect your employees and prevent workplace disasters is to avoid them. RCS offers courses and workshops on the best practices to avoid workplace violence and how to recognize and respond to potential threats before they hit critical mass. There are a variety of early warning signs that indicate an employee may be capable of violence. Learning how to recognize these signs is the first step in preventing things from getting out of control. RCS can train human resources staff, management and line level employees regarding the best practices for identifying and handling potentially volatile situations.

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Other Services

The experienced RCS staff has developed a discreet and proven methodology to investigate and analyze a serious or threatening situation. Our methodology has been vital in conducting succinct, yet throughout investigations. Our efforts have provided successful resolutions for our clients. RCS is uniquely adapt at working with clients and their trusted advisors to address several types of situations which require professional investigations, to include the following:

  • Stalking
  • Employee Wrongdoing
  • Extortion/Blackmail
  • Matrimonial & Other Legal Disputes
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