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Protecting what matters most. RCS identifies and mitigates risks and vulnerabilities.

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Vulnerability Assessments

RCS’ methodology is to establish long-term relationships by producing consistent, high quality deliverables to their clients. We effectively conduct vulnerability assessments by observing and understanding the client’ culture, expectations and appetite for risk. This process provides the necessary background in order to develop a meaningful security baseline, and not simply focus on “check the box” compliance.

RCS assessments are conducted using unique analytical tools that use both quantitative and qualitative assessments to detect weaknesses and vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure, systems and structure.

Upon completion, RCS provides meaningful recommendations to harden identified vulnerabilities and implement strategies to address security policies, programs and procedures. Our mission is assist the client in achieving their own security goals, as well as achieve compliance-driven standards and practices.

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Physical Security System Assessments

RCS reviews established or planned physical security systems for the client’s work sites, residential, or off site data/equipment locations. Owner’s representative engagements are also available.

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Threat Management Services

RCS provides consultation and support to companies and institutions where counsel is required on potential high-risk workplace violence related matters. This may include consultation regarding disgruntled employees, domestic situations impacting the workplace, union issues or other external factors. Our professional staff is prepared to offer guidance in areas such as crisis containment, threat evaluation, behavioral analysis, adverse media containment and law enforcement liaison.

Executive/Estate Protection Services

RCS Executive Protection Professionals understand and accept the responsibilities of providing for the safety, health and well-being of our clients and their properties. Through tenacious preparation, effective risk management, and realistic contingency planning, RCS ensure appropriate security measures are in place to mitigate critical vulnerabilities.

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Outsourced CISO/CSO Advisory Services

Retainer based security services, offering continuous and on-call access to our experts across multiple security and investigative purviews.

CISO Services

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) advisory services offer virtual or in-person expert engagement on cyber related challenges. We engage with your internal or external IT service providers and executive staff to bridge the gap of existing and desired security. Our advisory services provide expert recommendations to safeguard the client’s assets, including sensitive/proprietary information, client and/or customer data, communications, and equipment.

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CSO Services

Outsourced Chief Security Officer (CSO) advisory services provide clients expert recommendations to safeguard their assets, people, brand and reputation. RCS provides a highly accomplished level of security leadership with proven experience in security and crisis management worldwide. RCS professionals have mentored senior leadership as an advisor to organizations experiencing catastrophic incidents resulting in mission-critical failures.

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