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RCS identifies and mitigates risks and vulnerabilities. If a problem arises, risk level is determined and action is taken.

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Vulnerability Assessments

RCS’ methodology is to establish long-term relationships by producing consistent, high quality deliverables to their clients. This is accomplished by having their staff thoroughly understand your culture, expectations and appetite for risk in order to effectively conduct a vulnerability assessment and establish a security baseline. RCS has an in-depth knowledge of security and the risk assessment procedures based upon decades of experience conducting assessments for private industry, government agencies and private individuals. RCS assessments are conducted using unique analytical tools that use both quantitative and qualitative assessments to detect weaknesses and vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure, systems and structure. Included in this process is a comprehensive threat assessment that leads to the determination of the overall probability of risk.

Upon completion RCS will provide recommendations to harden identified vulnerabilities and implement strategies to address security policies, programs and procedures. This will include training of personnel which are both cost effective and realistically match the risks identified. Perhaps their most distinguishing feature is the manner in which RCS will marry the probability of threat to their deliverables.

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RCS Threat Management Services

RCS provides consultation and support to companies and institutions where counsel is required on potential high risk workplace violence related matters. This may include consultation regarding disgruntled employees, domestic situations impacting the workplace, union issues or other external factors. Their professional staff is prepared to offer guidance in areas such as crisis containment, threat evaluation, behavioral analysis, adverse media containment and law enforcement liaison.

Special Events Management

When hosting a special event consideration must be given to creating a physical security infrastructure to address possible incidents and minimize the potential for other costly problems. RCS personnel have been responsible for the overall planning and security of major national and international events including the Olympics, political conventions, Super Bowls, Hollywood award shows, World Cup Soccer events and an array of privately held special events. RCS is able to assist with the operational planning, coordination, assessment and security for all types of special events. RCS would first develop an overall threat assessment. Once the level of risk is determined the overall security plan would be developed and implemented.

Executive Protection

RCS protection professionals understand and accept the responsibilities of providing for the safety, health and well-being of those they are assigned to protect. Through their tenacious preparation, effective risk management, and realistic contingency planning, RCS will ensure appropriate security measures are in place to mitigate critical vulnerabilities.

RCS proprietary methodology is constructed upon the intelligence driven through their extensive threat analysis to validate the most appropriate deliverable. Their protection professionals possess a unique set of skills enfolded around optimum discretion and are staffed to coincide with the clients’ needs. RCS also provides vetting, training and security consulting for personal security teams.

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Owners Representative for Security System Installation

As the leading Security Advisor to the Affluent Community, RCS continues to serve their clients in the capacity as Owners Representatives for those select group of clients where security is a primary, not an ancillary, concern. Their methodology draws upon decades of experience in investigating, arresting and prosecuting criminals that have perpetrated offenses ranging from home invasions and kidnapping to residential burglaries.

They ensure that the residential security architecture design speaks to safeguarding human life not merely physical assets. The solution consists of multi-tiered technologies ensuring RCS clients have numerous integrated layers of security consisting of a full perimeter system, surveillance system and redundant residential life safety security features. Our experience in working with architectural firms and general contractors has proven to be a key component in the successful integration of all these components.

RCS assists their client’s with the security architecture design and implementation in their role as owner’s representative. They work with their client’s to identify vendors, security equipment requirements, review proposals, validate costs and oversee the project through final approval of the installed systems by owner.

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