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RCS keeps you and your loved ones safe and secure wherever you go, even in cyberspace.

When it comes to your health and your family, it’s important to choose the best for your security. Risk Control Strategies is a team of former FBI, law enforcement, and military officers who provide only the best security, security consulting, investigative, and intelligence services. Whether you are traveling across the globe or working online, RCS risk management services prevent threats and eliminate them if they do arise. RCS employs a team of trusted experts who operate within the law and treat your private information with the highest discretion. Contact RCS today.

I am well aware of the integrity regarding the principals of RCS, having worked with them in the FBI as well as the private sector. The firm has a unique blend of expertise and I have been consistently impressed by their high level of professionalism and the thoroughness of their investigations. RCS continues to provide effective and efficient strategies tailored to the particular matter.
William M. Baker, Former COO of Motion Picture Association of America

RCS offers individuals security at home and keeps them safe when they travel, as well. With security system installation consulting, regular surveillance equipment sweeps, and other preventative measures, RCS makes sure that threats are mitigated. Active security services allow RCS to monitor and respond to potential situations.

Private investigations are sometimes required by individuals, and the former federal agents who make up the advisory board of RCS know how to conduct these types of investigations effectively and discreetly.

RCS knows how important your privacy and intellectual property are, and respects them as such. The RCS team never shares sensitive information with anyone who doesn’t need to have it for the purposes of your security. RCS takes part in highly secure electronic data protection measures, never using the cloud to store sensitive information and only using hardware firewalled machines when they need to access the Internet.

Allow a professional risk management firm to handle your security and investigations. Contact RCS to learn more.

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