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Can you afford not to know what your competitors are doing?

Most businesses must learn to thrive in an environment of fierce competition while following strict legal regulations, all within a limited budget. However, competitors don’t always play by the rules, and your own employees can become a wild card, too. RCS employs a range of business intelligence methods that can ensure you know what your competitors are doing. Active security, surveillance, and cyber crime detection and prevention services keep your physical assets, your employees’ wellbeing, and your intellectual property safe. Start building your own corporate intelligence and security strategy with a call to RCS today.

My firm recently retained Risk Control Strategies, Inc. (RCS) to assist us. The firm performed complete background investigations on several individuals, and conducted surveillance on one particular individual over an extended holiday weekend. My firm was quite impressed with the thoroughness of their background reports as well as the timeliness in getting the reports to us for use in our case. RCS was very responsive to calls and emails from my office, and went above and beyond to try and assist us. Further, RCS’s work product was remarkable and their prices fair, which was favorable to our clients. We would definitely use RCS again.
Andrea G. Hurd, Amyx Merrill

In today’s business world, firms have to live with the reality that the Internet not only provides a fast, easy way to research, communicate, buy, and sell for their company, but also poses a potential threat. RCS has the knowledge and experience to perform cyber security analyses and surveillance sweeps to eliminate threats. If an incident has already occurred, RCS provides investigative services to help you get back what is yours and collect the necessary evidence if a legal case exists. RCS has global expertise, so you can rest assured that an attacker cannot thwart the RCS team by crossing borders.

RCS can also provide detailed employee background checks that dig below the surface and ensure that hiring managers make good decisions. Our corporate services also include global corporate security to make sure VIPs stay safe. Contact RCS now to talk about what the firm can do for you.

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