Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) are imperative to insure your information, conversations and actions are secure from unauthorized eavesdropping in your offices, boardrooms, homes, vehicles, planes or other areas where you have an expectation of privacy. There are several companies that perform TSCM services; however, only RCS has the level of expertise, professional experiences and state-of-the-art equipment to provide the high quality of service you require. RCS stands alone in their ability to meet these criteria with decades of experience supported by their ongoing training programs with the latest high-tech equipment available. RCS provides frequent articles to keep you informed of current technological advancements and RCS discoveries.

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There are continually news articles regarding the discovery of hidden cameras that were illegally placed in businesses, residences and vehicles that recorded audio and video of confidential meetings or conversations. Searching the internet for covert type recording devices reveals countless numbers and types of devices that are easily obtainable. The newest trend is not only small discrete packages, but devices that also stream the video over Wi-Fi to your Smart Phone.

All of these devices record video internally as well as stream HD Video to your smartphone. The two chargers don’t require batteries as they are connected to an electrical plug. The Key fob and iPhone case have approximately 1-hour record time on the internal rechargeable battery.

What’s in the News?
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