It is imperative to know that your information, conversations and actions are secure from unauthorized eavesdropping in your offices, boardrooms, homes, vehicles, planes or other areas where you have an expectation of privacy. There are many firms that offer technical services but RCS has the expertise, background and state-of-the-art equipment to reinforce the quality of service you require. To keep you more informed the author provides articles regarding recent discoveries in Eavesdropping Countermeasures Inspections (ECM), and current technology advancements.
GPS tracker attached to my vehicle’s computer

RCS has experienced a significant increase in the use of GPS tracking systems by the public to determine the movements of others. GPS auto tracking technology allows just about anyone to track an unsuspecting individual while they are driving. The devices we have discovered were installed without the knowledge or consent of the vehicle’s owner.

This article illustrates a new GPS tracker that plugs into the diagnostic port on your vehicles computer (vehicles since 1996). The tracker can easily be moved from vehicle to vehicle, requires no battery, and provides vehicle location every 10 seconds. This information can then be displayed on a computer or smart phone. The devices sell for $170 and a monthly service plan costs about $30 which allows you to begin tracking the target vehicle. Legal issues on the use of these types of devices vary from state to state.