Over the last year several of our clients have been the victim of illegal electronic eavesdropping. These discoveries have occurred during TSCM Inspections by observing electronic anomalies or through our physical search process, done in conjunction with each inspection. We continually witness the changes in technology which allow for eavesdropping devices to resemble almost any item. Some of these discoveries included disguised self-contained recording systems as well as secreted audio recording devices. Samples of those discoveries are depicted in the first two photos below. Other discoveries included eavesdropping devices attached to communications cabling within the client’s facility. In order to identify any compromise of communications, in a timely manner to limit loss of information, these clients have greatly increased frequency of TSCM services. It is prudent for executives and security personnel to determine what is reasonable for this scheduling to limit information loss. Contact RCS to discuss these issues and any scheduling questions for TSCM service and IT Audits.